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Born. 1933
in Danzig-Heubude.
2. of four siblings.
Master Confectioner

Grandfather(middle): ENGINE-DRIVER !!!

1945-51 Schleswig
High School for boys and
Secondary School,
Schleswig 06

1951-56 Coal-mine apprenticeship in Wanne Eickel with  Coal-digger Exam.

1956-59 Graphic Design School Wuppertal.
1960 First employment as graphic designer and marriage with painter and graphic designer Ukki Ukleya.

1967 Relocation with family in Denmark
Klaus Oskar, Ukki...
...and three daughters (f.l.t.r.) Uli, 4
Anke, 7
und Nana, 6
Art Director with Young & Rubicam
in Copenhagen for clients
Proctor & Gamble,
Rank Xerox, Chrysler,
Tuborg, Gulf Oil,
Cadovius Furniture,
Gevalia Coffee a. o.

1977 Own Agency "apple aps", then "Hoffmann Bromberg".

1982 Freelance
as photographer, Designer und copywriter for Clients:
Seatrain Lines, Transnautic, Maersk Line, Dettmer Reederei und Logistic, OT Africa Line, Meyer's Sohn Spedition, LUG Luftfracht, Eurokai Hamburg, TDC Tourist Development Council of Malaysia, Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge, Nepal, Mr. Klaudia Travel, KESO und others.

Gekko Lichtbildarchiv
Im Brink 9
Mechtersen, Niedersachsen 21358

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